An activity index to find ways to spend time by supporting local businesses While Grounded

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Melbourne, AUS
Manchester, UK
Austin, USA

We created WG because we wanted to find a way to spread awareness of the exceptional changes to business practices that companies are having to make during the unique lockdown situation.

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We deveoped the company, brand and website in a 48 hour sprint.

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With not knowing how long lockdown would last at the time, we wanted to get the platform up as quickly as possible.

By consolidating local businesses into one list, While Grounded is a one-stop-shop for people to identify, connect with, and support local businesses who provide ways to spend time at home.

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Users are able to get a quick glance at different local online classes and service offerings.

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One goal was to showcase offerings that users may not have found on their own

Turning point: we created and introduced WG Live Sessions to give artists a platform to live stream their music.

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We create and provide artists with social assets to promote on their channels

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This supplies the artist with ready-made artwork as well as getting our brand recognised

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