Kodama is a Melbourne-based plant shop selling and growing all their own plants

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Melbourne, Australia


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Along with selling plants, Kodama provides educational content around caring for and growing plants

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We created a brand with a focus on digital—since their presence is 100% online

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The business is centred around the idea that there is a great deal of enjoyment to be had in caring for a growing plants as well as improving mental and physical health

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They’ll be endeavouring to minimise waste/impact through limited or no use of plastic in an effort to take and reuse discarded items

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We wanted the plant detailing to feel as if it were part of the word—almost like another letter to the name

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Since the brand will be an online shop, Instagram will play a part in generating sales. We wanted to carry the brand seamlessly throughout, so a template was created as a guide to use going forward.

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